Come join us for a conversation with Assistant Dean Deshawn Cook as he discusses the ways in which club leaders can create communities of care within their organizations. 

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Deep BLUE: Application deadline extended through 5pm (ET) today, Sept. 25th
Application link

POC Meet Up: Draw and (dis)Connect--Fri. Sept. 25th, 3:30-4:30pm (ET)

Arts Buddies Kick-Off--Fri. Sept. 25th 4-6:30pm (ET)

Millie's Industry Mondays--Monday Sept. 28th, 5pm-6pm (ET)

Producing Virtual Events Webinar--Tues. Sept. 29th, 4pm-5pm (ET)
Streamed live to the Barnard Student Life Facebook page

B'Scursions: Eurydice--Fri. Oct. 2nd, 4:15pm-6:30pm (ET)

B'Scursions: Brian Sanders' JUNK - Out of the Darkness--Sat. Oct. 3rd, 7:30-8:30pm (ET)  

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September 18, 2020

We’re back!

This week Allie and Jess get excited for some upcoming arts ed events that you want to be a part of!

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In this week’s Freestyle episode, your host, Alli Salwen, is joined by The New School student and artist, Emma Richmond, to talk about founding a virtual theatre company, collaboration, and Avatar: The Last Air Bender.


You can find the links for the events mentioned in this episode here.


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This week, our hosts are joined by Emy Cardoza and Deshawn Cook to talk about the books and plays they’ve been reading these past few weeks in the first meeting of GMT Radio Hour’s Book Club!


You can find links for the events mentioned in this episode here.


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This week, we invited Associate Dean of Student Life, Emy Cardoza, to talk about the future of arts safety and being an organizer and audience member.


You can find links for the events mentioned in this episode here.


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In this week's episode, we interview our very own Deshawn Cook about the way the arts have influenced his life over the years. Thank you, Deshawn for joining and giving us such a special episode!

Also, for some fun math and music facts that Jess referenced, you can visit this link to find out more.

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In this episode, Allie and Jess give a little love to our new graduates from the class of 2020. We will miss you!

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Checkout Bacchantae's Senior Send-Off rendition of Alma Mater here in Barnard's Senior Celebration

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This week we share what various student arts groups are doing in this age of virtual programming, including Zoom dance lessons, producing workshops, and a virtual campus website.

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